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Sobaki & Co. 

  • How long are freeze-dried treats good for?
    The best part about Sobaki & Co.'s freeze-dried treats is they stay fresh much longer than non freeze-dried foods. As long as you properly close the container the treats can last for years to come. No joke!
  • What does freeze-dried mean?
    Freeze-drying is low temperature dehydration. The product is first froze to -0 temperatures. Then a vacuum pump begins removing all moisture by sublimation. Freeze-drying allows the product to maintain shape and taste.
  • Why Sobaki & Co.?
    Sobaki & Co. is owned by two people that have six dogs. We truly care about the ingredients in our pet's foods and are tired of seeing unhealthy treat options when there are other solutions to providing our pets with nutritious treats we can pronounce.
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